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Nov 10/2020 19.30 EET


    19.30 EET starting time

    19.50 Q&A

    20.00 Finish

    If you’re like most businesses, you’re fed up with spending money on marketing that doesn’t work. If you knew what to do differently, you would—but you don’t, and so you feel stuck. Meanwhile, your sales are lagging. Your bottom line isn’t budging. And worst of all, you feel discouraged.

    Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. In this talk, Balts Owner, Maris Prindulis—a StoryBrand Certified Guide—will share seven simple marketing principles proven to engage customers and grow businesses.

    You’ll walk away knowing how to capture your customers’ attention and compel them to buy. Stop worrying about your marketing, and get back to winning in the marketplace.