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    Do you have a website that presents your business?
    Or maybe you are still preparing to build one.
    Whatever the case, this webinar will give you ideas on how to get the most out of your site.

    5 Elements that Turn Your Website into a Sales Funnel

    You’ll learn how to benefit from:

    1. One-liner (short business description)
    2. Website wire-frame
    3. Lead generator
    4. Email nurture campaign
    5. Email sales campaign

    19.30 EET starting time
    20.10 Finish

    Responses about webinars

    Ieva Salmane Kulikovska, Therapist

    Thank you for the webinar! Very valuable information in a concise, lively and easy to comprehend manner!

    Wolfgang Jani, Leadership Coach

    Maris' webinar is insightful and helps me break down what feels complicated into a do-able process and action.

    Kevin Hutchinson, Digital Marketing Manager American Management Services

    For any owner or digital marketing manager who wants increase conversions and grow their business online, don’t miss this valuable and fun webinar. Maris is an expert in his craft, and can help you achieve great results with your marketing!