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Jan 26, 2021, 17:30 GMT London Time (Check your time zone!)

    Ever wondered what clear brand message means? At its core, your brand messaging tells your customers what you do for them, how it makes their life better, and what they need to do to buy your product. If you fail to communicate this, people have no idea why to buy from you.

    So how do you apply it to your website? And how to do it right?

    That’s what I will be talking about in the webinar!

    “Seven Key Elements of a Clear Brand Message”. I will share how to build a clear brand message.

    You will gain insight about:

    • Seven key elements every good brand message has.
    • How to position yourself and your services
    • Why people don’t listen to clutter
    • Why a good design is not enough
    • How to call people to action
    • Understanding the key questions you need to answer for your customers so that they would start listening to you.
    • What all the above have in common with Storytelling

    17.30 GMT starting time
    18.00 Q&A
    18.15 Finish

    Responses about webinars

    Ieva Salmane Kulikovska, Therapist

    Thank you for the webinar! Very valuable information in a concise, lively and easy to comprehend manner!

    Wolfgang Jani, Leadership Coach

    Maris' webinar is insightful and helps me break down what feels complicated into a do-able process and action.

    Kevin Hutchinson, Digital Marketing Manager American Management Services

    For any owner or digital marketing manager who wants increase conversions and grow their business online, don’t miss this valuable and fun webinar. Maris is an expert in his craft, and can help you achieve great results with your marketing!