Wordpress websites

Wordpress is a great solution if You want to have a website that can grow and is easy to manage.
Following are just a few examples of different kind of websites you can make with WordPress.

Start a Blog
Make a business website
Start an online store
Build a membership website
Sell online courses

This is how we work.
1) Let’s decide what type of website do You need?
2) Let’s see if You have text? Should we make one?
3) Do You have Your branding organized? Colors, fonts, pictures?
4) Let’s make wireframe Your website
6) Then we will make a design
7) Lets set up WordPress according to the design we have agreed.
8) Lets set up a proper SEO

Graphic Design

Graphic design

A visual identity is the visual aspect of brandings, such as logo design, fonts, colors, photos, shape, user interfaces (websites) and any other visuals. The visible elements of a brand are created in order to establish a unique and recognizable identity for an organization, business or brand in a crowded market. Visual identity evokes certain feelings and experiences with the brand, communicating the message, values, and promises without using words.


Copywriting according to story building principles

Copywriting is writing a text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is a written content that aims to increase brand awareness and persuades a person or group to take a particular action.

Story Building Framework wireframes a website to communicate the message clearly thus making a business/brand inviting to customers.