The Restored Leader: Effective Rest Strategies for a Balanced Life

Interview with Darren Ho

Episode description

Feeling tired all the time? Instead of the usual advice to simply “get some rest,” join us in this episode as we chat with leadership coach Darren Ho about finding a rest strategy that truly works for you. Darren, founder of The Restored Leader, shares his insights on how to recharge effectively and maintain energy for life’s demands.

We’ll cover:

  • Why being mentally present while resting matters
  • The benefits of journaling and reflecting on your needs
  • How realizing our lives are not solely about us brings joy
  • The power of aligning rest with your core values

And more!

Creating Your Personalized Resting Plan:

Here is what a draft for your resting plan could look like:

Step 1: Plan – Prepare a Place and Stop

  • Mind: What do I worry about? What creates tiredness?
  • Body: Is there tension or pain in my body?
  • Soul: Do I know what my purpose is?

Step 2: Define Rest

  • What does rest mean to me? Who rests well?

Step 3: Experience Rest

  • Block time to rest. Ensure you create an environment conducive to relaxation.

Step 4: Reflect

  • Journal what themes emerged. What is important?

For more details, listen to the episode. Don’t miss out if you’re a business leader looking to improve your well-being, boost your energy, and live a more balanced life!


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