Katie Lantukh—How to effectively communicate your values to attract the right-fit customers

Interview with Katie Lantukh

Episode description

Do you struggle to differentiate from your competition? Or start a client relationship with whom you share the same values? How would your business benefit from more right-fit customers?

Today’s guest has found a beautiful way to stand out  – be yourself!  Showcasing the values you and your company embody will help you always attract the right-fit customers. In our conversation today with Katie Lantukh, we will talk about how your marketing content is a great place to showcase those values.

Katie Lantukh is the founder of Murphy Marketing, a boutique copywriting services firm. Katie lives just north of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, two young kids, and a new puppy.

This episode will cover:

  • what are core values?
  • where to communicate your values on your website?
  • how to communicate values in your internal communication?
  • how do core values help to connect with the right clients?

And more!

More on our guest

Connect with Katie Lantukh on LinkedIn
Murphy Marketing website

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