Susan Payton—How to Craft Stories that Grow Your Business

Interview with Susan Payton

Episode description

Have you heard it said that stories cut through the noise? Or that stories are 22 times easier to remember than facts? But how do you use this magical tool in your business?

Today, I’ll be talking with Susan, the book Business of Stories author. Susan Payton is a story strategist, copywriter, messaging geek, coach, consultant, and author of The Business of Stories.

Described as a “game-changing” framework, her simple yet powerful process helps entrepreneurs and marketers craft stories and narratives that launch businesses, build brands, and create raving fans.

This episode will cover:

  • how to craft stories for your business
  • which one of your stories to put on the About page
  • the difference between event and story

And more!

An interesting note about Susan’s book – it was released in March 2022. Susan’s book quickly became a UK and US #1 bestseller on Amazon in several business categories, including Marketing and Sales – knocking Dragon’s Den & Diary of a CEO star Stephen Bartlett off the top spot! It also got to #1 on Amazon again in 2023 when the audiobook version was released.

Harness the power of storytelling to demonstrate your value, attract your ideal clients, and get paid for what you’re worth.

*Circles of storytelling image from Susan Payton's website.


Check out Susan’s story-crafting resources:
The Storyteller’s Pack

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