Jo Caruana—Crafting your PR story with GOTHAM framework. Part II

Interview with Jo Caruana

Episode description

Struggling to create PR stories that captivate journalists? Today, we have a solution for you. Our guest, Jo Caruana, a seasoned PR professional, introduces her innovative framework – GOTHAM, designed to streamline the process of crafting compelling PR narratives.

Jo Caruana, the founder of Finesse Group, a company specializing in PR and marketing services, is no stranger to our platform. Having previously demystified PR for business owners on our show, she’s back with more invaluable insights.

In this episode, Jo breaks down the GOTHAM framework, a concise yet powerful tool for developing effective PR stories:

  • G for Genius: Identify your unique expertise or the distinct edge of your product or service.
  • O for Originality: Highlight what makes you original and what sets you apart from the competition.
  • T for Timeliness: Emphasize the current relevance of your story.
  • H for Human Interest: Focus on the people aspect of your story – who is it about and why should the audience care?
  • A for Angle: Define the story’s perspective, supported by data and your authority.
  • M for Media Match: Choose the right media channels to best convey your story.

This episode isn’t just about learning the framework; it’s about empowering you to draft your PR stories more swiftly and confidently. For those seeking a broader understanding of PR’s potential, we encourage you to revisit Jo’s previous appearance on our show, available in the show notes.


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