Dancing with Wisdom: A Therapist’s Guide to Cultivating Wisdom for a Fulfilling Life

Interview with Dr Sunil Raheja

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Have you ever pondered the true meaning of wisdom and what it entails? How does one pursue it, and how can it impact one’s heart, mind, and life?

These are the inquiries that my today’s guest has addressed in his new book, entitled “Dancing with Wisdom.”

Today’s guest is a psychiatrist and coach, dr Sunil Raheja.

Dr Sunil is a psychiatrist and coach who, through his Dancing With Wisdom Coaching Programme, equips overwhelmed, frustrated, and distracted high performers to figure out their next best step so that they can create the life they hunger for and still have time for family, friends, and fun!

He also has a podcast and youtube channel on the theme of Dancing With Wisdom which is also the title of his book.

Sunil says: “It is his privilege to work with senior leaders who feel stuck-empowering them to re-engage with deeper purpose and live life in crescendo, so their best days are still to come.”

Sunil has worked as a psychiatrist for over 25 years. He lives in London, England with his wife, Sally. They have four grown children.

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.
—Jim Rohn

How to start developing wisdom?

Developing wisdom:

1. Manage your ego.
Develop the self-awareness to recognise when your ego is crossing a line and causing problems for you.

2. Remove your idols.
There are things in our liv d we put too much expectation on that can lead to frustration, disappointment and even despair.

3. Challenge your assumptions.
Does my understanding of life help me to handle and face the harsh reality of life in all its confusion and complexity?
The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we had when we first created them.

Finding meaning is ultimately not a philosophical exercise but a daily challenge in the complex realities I face day to day.

Download Sunil’s free guidebook, “Dancing with Wisdom,” from drsunil.com. This excellent resource will offer you helpful prompts and thought-provoking questions to assist you in delving deeper into your pursuit of wisdom.

Or order his book from Amazon today.


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