Discover How Your Core Values Can Help Guide You Through Uncertain Times

Interview with Darren Ho

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Have you ever faced a life challenge that can not be fixed in a day? It might take months or even years for things to change. And yet you need to figure out how you will do your best work in the face of this uncertainty.

Today’s guest will share how your core values can help you find the way through uncertainty.

Darren Ho empowers leaders to live without compromise by redeeming their Core Values.
He knows that all leaders face daily pressures from the world; leaving them feeling exhausted, frustrated, hesitant and often like they’re chasing after the wind. Darren founded The Restored Leader – a leadership coaching firm – in 2017 to help clients redeem, protect and live their Core Values. As a result, leaders create authentic narratives, giving them confidence and joy in their leadership formation.

Core Values Can Help Guide You Through Uncertain Times

You see, decision-making (without core values) is fully focused on external pressures and changes versus the internal needs of, say, the teams within organizations or individuals going through difficult times. So without core values, you have no real foundational lens to make decisions aligned with your mission. And that’s why I think it’s important that we redeem what is true in our core and use them in every decision we make and in every leadership role we have.

Darren Ho

How to Discover your core values

For those looking to discover their core values, Darren offers a comprehensive guidebook that helps:

  1. Download the Redeeming your core values guidebook
  2. Identify your core values: To do this, list out your most meaningful interests and passions. These are often reflective of your inherent values. After reflecting on these interests and passions, narrow down to a list of up to five values that resonate with you the most.
  3. Define your core values: Out of your selected values, choose the top three that truly represent your essence. Write down these values along with their definitions. This exercise will not only provide clarity but also strengthen your understanding of your values.
  4. Protect your values: The guidebook also offers tips on safeguarding your values, ensuring that they aren’t compromised amidst life’s challenges.
  5. Live your core values: Finally, the guidebook provides guidance on how to apply your core values to your everyday life, empowering you to lead a fulfilling, uncompromised life.

I hope this helps you to find your way forward.

The journey of discovering and staying true to your core values can be transformative, paving the way for genuine satisfaction and success. As Darren suggests, your core values can be a reliable guide through the fog of uncertainty.


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