Three Questions That Will Increase Clarity In Your Upcoming Website Project

Maris PrindulisBy Maris PrindulisApril 27, 20213 Minutes

If website projects are not something you work with daily, it is easy to get overwhelmed and lost in meaningless details when working on one. Here are three questions that will bring you clarity. I use them with my clients all the time.

When you understand the role of your website in a broader context, you will make better decisions – you will start your project on the right foot and avoid wasting time.

Question one

Ask yourself:

How is my website contributing to my three-year business or life goals?

It might be that your goals are yet unclear. Don’t worry about that now. Let this question percolate in the background of your mind as you go on reading further. Thinking about your goals will help you understand what you want and the primary tasks to get there.

Question two

Ask yourself:

What is the purpose of my website this season?

The overall purpose of a website is to connect with people who have problems the website offers to solve.

This question challenges to think about what truly matters and what elements of the site would be needed.

Question three

Ask yourself:

How will my website contribute to my sales funnel?
You want to understand what part your website plays in a sales funnel. A sales funnel looks like this:

  • A person sees an interesting post or an ad and comes to your site.
  • She learns about your offer.
  • She exchanges exciting content for her email address
  • Your email campaign reminds her what you do
  • Sales email invites her to do a transaction.

Your website is a crucial part of your sales funnel. Seeing how your website contributes to the sales funnel helps you understand what is helpful to include and what just ads clutter.


It all comes down to these three questions:

1) How is my website contributing to my three-year goals?
2) What is the purpose of my website?
3) What is its role in the sales funnel?

When you have answered these questions, you will be much more explicit about what decisions to make about your website.

You will be off to a better start!