6 Simple Website Tips That Will Help to Increase Leads

Maris PrindulisBy Maris PrindulisMay 21, 20202 Minutes

People will pay you money only when they sense that they can trust you. Trust takes time. A new customer needs time to get to know your brand. To make this process easier for your customer, make sure you do the following:

1. Get the header right

Tell people exactly what you are offering and how that can make their lives better. Use an image showing the destination your customers want to reach.

2. Present yourself short and clear

Don’t convince people that you have a right to exist. Also, don’t do the long stories about how the company started. Instead, present yourself as a caring professional who knows how to solve the problem your client is dealing with.

3. Use as little words as possible 

Reading is a process that burns brain calories. No one wants to waste time and energy by reading something that is not solving his problem.

4. Use testimonials

I love this quote from Seth Godin, “People don’t believe what you tell them. They rarely believe what you show them. They often believe what their friends tell them. They always believe what they tell themselves.” (Seth Godin, Tribes.) Although the context of this quote is not quite about landing pages, it greatly illustrates the necessity of testimonials. Use testimonials about how you have solved someone else’s problem.

5. Have a way to collect emails

Have something on your website you can exchange for an email address. If your product is pricy, it will take time for people to start trusting you. When you get their email, you can start deepening the relationship by doing an automatic email campaign that delivers valuable content.

6. Have an obvious call to action

Have a clear call to action button or another type of ‘buy now’ button. Your business is offering a product that solves a problem and makes life better – don’t be shy about it. Have a clear call to action!

Don’t underestimate these simple tips – implement them, and your website will have increased clarity and efficiency. Your customer relationships will grow stronger, resulting in better sales!